Oaxaca Brass Ensemble OBE is a project iniciated by Maestro Roger Bobo in 2015 with support of the Cultural and Arts Affairs of Oaxaca as well as CIMO Musical Initiation Center of Oaxaca. Based in Oaxaca, México, the main goal of OBE is to enhance the potential of young brass talents from te area, which has a huge brass tradition of Brass Band, this music approach envolves a wide range of community traditions and festivities; from birth to death this sound is part of their everyday life.


Integrated by 15 young brass players between 15 and 35 years old, the project  looks forward to elevate interpretative performance as well as exploring music writen or adapted for brass instruments from a classical, contemporary and traditional perspective, making it wide but always seeking for improvement and perfection.


OBE has become a great example of the incredible musical potential Oaxaca has, to which Mexico and Oaxaca state should be proud of.


Mr. Roger Bobo

Artistic Director and Conductor

Oaxaca Brass Ensemble

fotografía: Eva Alicia Lépiz Román

Oaxaca Brass Ensemble OBE musicians

1st Season


Aracely Inés Velasco

Abigail Martínez Martínez

Eliezer Jiménez Montes

Boris Santiago Escamilla



Casimiro Gómez Felipe

Juan Pérez Martínez

Edson García Gómez

Oswaldo Vásquez Martínez


Néstor García Ríos

Adrián Martínez Pacheco

Erick Martínez Jiménez

Eduardo Aquino Jiménez



Tito Santiago López

Uriel Molina Altamirano

Raúl Chemil Solís


/ Oaxaca Brass Ensemble

contacto: info@oaxacabrassensemble.org